go beyond what you know

I would rather regret the things I tried than regret the things I didn't.
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I think the anon meant *post as you should post more of your own post/writing

Yeah, maybe! But they said “you should post more of your own port!” ahha :) I want to know where they’ve seen my writing……….. because I don’t ever really post on here :-) but i might because i’m out of high school now and don’t care if people find my blog :) xx

Anonymous asked:

You should post more of your own port! Your writing is amazing!

My own port?? I’m sorry I don’t understand what that means! But thank you so much?! You’re super sweet :) xo





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there’s a thin line between word and world

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Let’s try to look for the best in others, just the way we’d like people to see in ourselves.
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