go beyond what you know

Hello babes how are you today ♥ I finally decided to share some random facts and tips, because I never did that before, so here we go:
Only cat owners will get this
Being single problems and benefits
Hot girl vs ugly girls
Intense metallic eye looks
Curvy is not fat, know the difference
Thighs are not pants!
Eyeball tattoos, wow
Said no girlfriend ever
I hope you liked them and don’t forget to message me which one is your fav ^-^ much love ♥


I’ve been posting some of my poems onto Teenink and I was really hoping you guys could like, rate and comment on them!! It would mean so much to me, and if you do, I could be published in the magazine (again)!

The first one is here and the second one is here

If you do like, comment or rate them please let me know because I will be forever grateful :-)


☆ 50 shades of INDIE ☆


did i allow u to have fun without me

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Keelung, Taiwan 基隆 by Tyler Bjorkman on Flickr.